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a study in extemporaneous semipublic raving discourse

(no subject) (posted 15h34 Tuesday August 30, 2011)

I'm on six different social networks now. Let's start keeping score, shall we?

Migration Path (posted 15h46 Thursday August 4, 2011)

In case it ever actually matters…

For all intents and purposes I’ve dumped LiveJournal in favor of Google+. No formal decision on my part has been made to do this; it’s just that I haven’t touched this thing in months and, at this rate, am unlikely to do so in the future. It’s not an Internet Controversy thing—Google+ already has its own controversies that are arguably more relevant to me and mine than LJ’s ever have been (in fact, a temporary workaround for one of those controversies is why I bothered to glance over here again at all). It’s just plain old apathy.

You can find me at gplus.to/viqsi.

If you have a desire to be dragged along and want me to lend assistance, gimme an email address and I’ll see what I can do. (Note, however, that it’s a kind of a slow process—invites evidently get processed approximately Whenever Google Feels Like It.)


Again, and again, and again, and again... (posted 17h14 Friday February 11, 2011)

Well, there goes Maemo/MeeGo.

I really should know better by now than to think anything I find helpful, interesting, productive, essential, or just plain good will ever actually last... but for the love of G-d Almighty, why did it have to be Microsoft?


I kind of wonder myself. (posted 23h51 Wednesday January 12, 2011)

From an opinion column in re: the Giffords situation:

“Why is it that only in the bad times do we recognize how much we depend on each other?”


I need to get in on this scam. (posted 13h17 Wednesday January 12, 2011)

Since I no longer handle finances at my Temple, there’s been an ongoing search for a replacement means of generating end-of-year donation acknowledgements for tax purposes (usually called “tax letters”), which were previously done by me largely by hand with the occasional assistance of a Vim script or two and a sneeze-and-you’ll-break-it form in a ten-year-old version of Crystal Reports. Well, there’s a new “works with Quickbooks” program out there that, per anecdotal evidence, handles this stuff reasonably well. Now, I’ve had my doubts about many of these systems (we’ve had such “applications” arrive in the form of an Access database and a runtime installer, for example, but that one worked pretty damn well for it), but this came so highly recommended that we went out and grabbed it anyways. $50, and I just got the download.

It consists of an installer for a (apparently freely available) data extraction library I didn’t know about, an Excel spreadsheet with a bunch of macros, and a few Word mail merge-ready files. Plus some documentation.

Oh, and a batchfile that puports to do installation. The contents of that batchfile in its entirety, without exaggeration, are:

Echo off

(“QBFC6_0Installer” is the library mentioned above.)

I used to write “installation” scripts like that when I was playing Pretend Computer Person at age 10. TEN! This is like selling shell scripts to n00bs for a living.

I so have to get in on this scam.

(…if only I could do so with my conscience intact…)


geeky method of making a geeky reference (posted 23h40 Thursday December 9, 2010)

One of the folks who I have regular gaming sessions with (actually, he’s the GM at the moment) has access to a 3D printer—I’m not sure what model, sadly. Evidently he gets to play with it now and again, because he came in today and handed me these:

Weighted Companion Dice
(click on image for more, larger pics)

In a prior session, I’d noted (in a somewhat bitter tone, after too many references) that I’d never played the game, and probably never could, ‘cause the endless references had pretty much ruined the whole thing. Apparently this is his way of poking fun. :)

(Sadly, I think they may be too fragile to roll regularly. Corners would be lost before long.)


today’s gripe (posted 14h09 Thursday December 2, 2010)

Resolved: When I conquer the world, usage of the nonword “e-blast”, in any context whatsoever save acknowledgement of its forbidden nature, shall be punishable by instant, immediate and irrevocable death.

(And on a side note, I wonder if Twitter has a #whenIconquertheworld hashtag. If not, it should.)


this town is sick (posted 14h48 Tuesday November 30, 2010)

In late August or so, I went in for the last refill for my medication, and started working on finding a replacement psychiatrist so as to get a new prescription.

Three months, about 50-75 phonecalls, 20-25 doctors, and several SAN points later, I now have an appointment… in mid-February, with a guy who’s nominally a sleep health specialist. Everyone else I’ve tried so far is not taking new patients, doesn’t take my insurance, doesn’t do outpatient work, or doesn’t actually practice in this town anymore.



no longer trustworthy today (posted 20h41 Monday November 1, 2010)

So a couple hours back, I got this email from my pappy, sayin’ that I never actually mailed out a list of gift ideas. It’s this little tradition we have, dates back to about aught-one when Pappy up and threw up his han’s and said “tarnation, I’ve about had it, we’re coordinating our gift idears in advance so we’s don’t got to do guesswork.” Did it all via email mailing lists back then—we didn’t mess around with them “web forums” back then—and it’s still done that way, the right way, up to the present day. G-d’s honest truth.

Anyway… where was I? Oh, yeah, so it turns out I’m supposed to become “untrustworthy” today, by the standards of them young fellers. Now, I’m not sure where that ol’ notion came from; it’s apparently older than I am, and by now you know that means it’s been quite a while. Mama and Pappy, however, they’re both sayin’ they trust me just fine. ‘Course, they also have themselves a chuckle as they’re sayin’ it, so there just might be somethin’ to that notion of older folk bein’ treacherous. Me, I’m still learning how. Like that one time when my boss at work came in and asked me how the newsletter was goin’, and I up and tol’ him that it was behind ‘cause folks submittin’ were behind. Now, he prob’ly didn’t know that it was really behind ‘cause I was right awful swamped ‘round then, but that boss, he weren’t real sympathetic to the idea of overwork. Tough times back then, real tough times y’know.

So anyways, that goes into why I got ‘round into this sort of “web logging”—the younger folk, they call it “blogging”, but I hate that word and I always have, and the years ain’t made it none better. They seem to do that with every era, even the ones I’m not a part of. I remember how my pappy used to tell me about how back in the day, they didn’t have none of them “graphical interfaces” on yer computers. Nope, it was all punch cards and batch processing, to hear him tell it, and I been around for some time but I never seen anything so crazy as that, and I did tell him, and he just looked back at me and told me to mind my manners—good advice, that—and to respect one’s elders—more good advice, though I admit I was a bit of a strong-headed young’un and I didn’t quite heed it at the time.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, that list of gifts thing. Now, part of what makes it complicated is that I used to be a video gamer. Shore ‘nuff, I played all the classics—Mario, Metroid, Zelda, you know it. Only, back then they was all two-dimension only, none of this fancy-shmancy three-dimension stuff you young folks are into. And, y’know what? Games were about fun back then, not about flashy graphics and movies and such. Sure, there weren’t much ‘bout stories in the games back then—it was all “hey, plumber boy, the princess is kidnapped, go save her”—but it was fun, and we liked it that way! Modern games, they lost something in all that graphic shimmery nonsense, I tell you what. I try ‘em, and every once in a while I see a bit of what made it fun way back when, but you kids don’t know enough about where we came from and how much there was to be had in simply stomping on a turtle and kickin’ his shell ‘cross the screen, and not bein’ able to back up. Always press forward, just like in the war, ‘cause you can’t never retreat.

So, anyways, like I was sayin’. The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time…


and now, a brief moment of work-related venting (posted 02h12 Thursday July 15, 2010)

ssh tbsohio.org
sudo su
/etc/init.d/apache stop
rm -r /home/mainweb
rm -r /etc/apache2
apt-get remove --purge apache2

“There, I fixed it. We no longer have a useless website. The ‘many obvious and glaring errors’ you speak of (so obvious and glaring that you refuse to tell me what they are) are now all removed.”

Fucking users.

(Of course it doesn’t matter at all that the HHD services calendar isn’t finalized. Hell, it doesn’t matter at all that it wasn’t even drafted until early this morning and hasn’t even been seen by the Rabbis yet. It should be on the calendar, so that people can be given useless information!)